About Us

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Hi, my name is Michael W. Moriarty. I was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. Currently I live in Sarnia, ON.

At twenty-one years old I left home to became a missionary and sojourned throughout South America. After marrying Rosi in Peru we returned to Canada for a few years furlough.

My spouse and I then went to Mexico for eight years, again as missionaries. At the end of our time in Mexico we had seven children.

I took another furlough in Canada and went to college as a ‘mature student.’ After graduating from the Electronics Engineering Technology program I reunited with Rosi in Texas and I worked as an Electronics Technician for four years.

From Texas, Rosi and I decided to take the four children still living at home with us on a new adventure, this time to Asia, and get back into missionary work. We went to Taiwan and were there for four years. I taught English and home schooled my children while there.

Since returning to Canada in 2004 I have worked in telecommunications. I have also gotten involved in volunteer work with Recovery International, a mental health organization, with Toastmasters, with OACETT, and with various churches in Canada.

My work has taken me to seven countries on three continents and allowed me to live and work with three very different cultures, speaking several different languages.

Currently I am going into business for myself and hope to make a difference with educating so called ‘Digital Immigrants.’ I also hope to advocate for change in the educational system. With an aging population and with more and more ‘older adults’ learning to use new technology and needing to stay in the workforce, it promises to be a challenge as well as a worthy cause.

Thank you for visiting. Contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have. Better still, come out to my next scheduled event.